Software Development Services

New Application Development

Increase business flexibility and ingenuity with a new, fully supported custom application that is purpose-built to match your exact business and operational requirements. We offer software development for web, desktop, mobile and enterprise platforms.

DO-178B, DO-254, and DO-160

From design to certification, BetterBytes have developed solutions with expertise on processes including DO-178B, DO-254, and DO-160.

Upgrade of Legacy Systems

Almost two-thirds of organizations run more applications than they need. Is the cost of maintaining your legacy systems exceeding the cost of replacing them?

If you want to maximize use and value of your applications, we can provide insight into whether it’s time to upgrade, enhance or retire legacy systems. Depending on the course of action, we can develop additional functionality or redevelop any of your systems.

Custom Application Integration

To provide enhanced business value, we can integrate an existing or new custom application to your business systems. Integration will help leverage investment by ensuring improved inter-department communication and access to data.

Your industry has unique requirements. Your business has specific needs and preferences. This is where custom software development can offer unique functionality that drives business success and provides a competitive edge.

With a development methodology we can provide fully supported custom software. Take advantage of our expertise in building applications for web, desktop, mobile and enterprise platforms. To minimize risk, protect your budget and ensure your custom software application delivers real-world value, we provide a transparent process that involves keeping you informed and engaged at each step of the development process.

From requirements gathering, product development, and project management to testing and quality assurance, our qualified engineers and project staff ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of your custom application. Contact us about your software development requirements today.