BetterBytes Networks offers Virtualization services that have a range of benefits. Virtualization is the creation of a virtual platform such as a virtual version of hardware, operating systems, storage devices or network resources. Our virtualization technology is designed to centralize tasks to improve collaboration of work and scalability.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced overheads – reduced hardware expenditure, maintenance and operating costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint – by creating a virtual environment where hardware is not stored inhouse you are able to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Redundancy – you are not reliant on hardware
  • Security and protection – your technology is hosted in state of the art data center to protect from disastrous events
  • Centrally managed

Virtualization Options:

  • VMotion – the ability to move a running virtual machine from one ESX host to another.
  • VMotion Storage Capabilities – being able to move a running virtual machine from one storage device to another in order to ensure maximum protection.
  • DRS (Dynamic Resource Scheduler) – automated load balancing of an ESX cluster utilising VMotion.
  • HA (High Availability) – in the event of hardware failure in a cluster, BetterBytes Networks’ virtual servers will automatically restart on another host in the cluster.