Network Security

At BetterBytes Networks, we understand that ensuring the security for your business data and client information is one of your top priorities. Our network security and network surveillance options and services are designed to ensure your data is safeguarded from both internal and external threats.

Our network security services monitor and prevent unauthorised access, modification and corruption of your network. We are able to implement complex user rights, processes and procedures for internal staff accessing and sharing business data. We customise your network security to your business and operational requirements.

Our network monitoring detects cutting edge zero day exploits and network anomalies such as accessing data at odd times and suspicious content or behaviour.

Areas of protection:

  • Virus
  • Spam
  • Spyware
  • Firewall

BetterBytes Networks offers a wide variety of network security services from overall strategic planning to more specific business security maintenance to ensure your business is safe from threats to your network infrastructure and data.

Partnering with industry leaders such as Symantec, Sonicwall and Cisco has allowed us to offer top of the line services that are implemented by top of the line, certified IT experts. We use our years of industry knowledge and quality products to provide you with:

    • Email spam/phishing filtering and protection
    • Anti-virus and spyware protection and management
    • Business consulting and risk assessment
    • And much more

Network Security