Business Continuity

Business continuity planning covers all aspects of your business such as facilities, key personnel, reputation management and crisis communication. Disaster recovery planning is a subset of business continuity planning which covers how your IT infrastructure will be protected and restored in a time of disaster.

BetterBytes Networks offers a free IT consultation where we analyze your current infrastructure and information systems to determine whether you are prepared for an IT disaster that may occur. We are then able to develop a tailored business continuity solution in order to protect your business from any unforeseen circumstances, ensuring you never lose data or information that is vital to your business operations. Offering a range of business continuity services like disaster recovery planning, data recovery and backup solutions to help your business prevent or recover quickly from an IT disaster. So when disaster strikes we have your back.

Backup Solutions

BetterBytes Networks offers a range of disaster recovery planning services and solutions to protect your data in case of a disaster. One such solution is a ‘backup schedule’ which allows you to specify a regular time during which your businesses data automatically backs up to BetterBytes Networks’ offsite servers. This allows you to have a secure copy of your business’ current data in an offsite location should anything happen to on premise infrastructure.

Data Recovery

When faced with an unforeseen problem or disaster, such as a server crash or network failure, our online data recovery service allows our technicians to restore your server back to its original working condition quickly and with minimal business interruptions. The end result – reduced down time and reduced financial impact on your business.

Get a Free Consultation:
Our free consultations include:

  • Analysis of your existing network infrastructure
  • Assessment of your current business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan

Once the consultation is completed, we provide your business with comprehensive solutions to ensure the security of your business’ most prized possession – data.

For more information, advice or to book your free IT consultation please contact us today.

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